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Real People
We are professional real estate investors who are active in the Southern California real estate market utilizing real world experience to teach you strategies that are efficient and effective.

Our educators and coaches have years of experience flipping houses, partnering with investors on real estate deals and mentoring both new and experienced students. Our classes offer the most current content to keep you privy to market changes, tactics that work and a proven real estate investment plan of action.

Real Office
With a 10,000 sqft office in riverside, 17 offices occupied by 20+ full time real estate investors.

We are doing deals in all 5 counties of southern California (orange county, san diego, los angeles, riverside and san Bernardino) Our students not only learn in a classroom setting that is open for discussion but our club is filled with mentors and members who share leads, talent and resources to work together flipping houses.

Our team of coaches help our students implement what they have learned in class into real world scenarios involving real houses and real deals.

Finally, our community of investors is here to collaborate and get more deals done, equating to more closed deals and more checks in the hands of our club members.

Real Coaches
Our educators, coaches and mentors are experts. They have achieved financial independence for themselves and their families, and seek to share their knowledge by empowering others to realize their core purpose in life and embrace it. With our education, you will learn:

    Why you should invest in real estate
    How to find and evaluate potential deals
    Wholesaling and rehabbing
    How to buy short sales
    Creative financing
    Asset protection
    Skills to locate, help and work with motivated sellers
    And much more!

What Our Partners Say About Us...
We had heard that Real Estate was the best investment anyone can make, but we never heard how it could be done. We did a lot of research and thought we had it all figured out so we jumped in head first and bought our first properties... boy were we wrong!!!!
After making several bad investment choices and throwing in a ton of cash out of our pockets, we decided that there had to be someone that could REALLY teach us how to play this Real Estate Investing game. We searched for about 18 months and then stumbled across a group of investors that were willing to share their knowledge and hold our hands as we applied what they taught us. What a difference! New Wealth Advisors Club has really helped us achieve things that we never thought would be possible. Now we are building up our portfolio and buying properties using none of our own money or credit. The education is phenomenal and the leadership and mentoring are the best we’ve encountered in the industry.

- Oscar Solares
I got into Real estate at 18 years old because I didn’t want to have a regular 9-to-5. I saw real estate being the vehicle to make very good money without having to go to College for four years, to only then hope to find a job that will pay as much as real estate.
When I found the club, I saw what was possible, I knew it was for me.
The first deal we closed we made $125k. If I wasn’t part of the club I wouldn’t have been able to close that deal on my own.

- Kevin Castillo

My husband and I joined the club a few years ago not knowing anything at all about the Real Estate Industry. Today we can tell how fortunate we are because we found the perfect group who guide us, train us, support us and helps us to be in the spot that we are today, not to mention the real friendship that we have with this amazing group who treats us as a family since the very first day.

I used to be a Nanny when I started doing this in my free time, now I’m full time Real Estate Investor and I know this couldn’t be possible without the support that we get from our mentors Dave and Melina and the Seniors Investors provide us all the time. This journey is not been easy and is not for everybody… But it's worth every effort, and we are convinced that all people really need is an opportunity.

The rest is up to you! Don’t lose your opportunity!

- Selene Slater
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